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ThunderKernel 2.2 released!

Hi there guys, welcome back to my blog xD

Finally ThunderKernel 2.2 is released with some bug improvements, here there is all the changelog:

– NEW BroadcomCM clockworkmod recovery 100% working!
– Added 8 new governors and vr io scheduler (now there are 16 governors and 5 io scheds)
– Added ksm missing permissions to init.rc
– Fixed io scheduler permissions in init.rc
– Now installed easily with AROMA installer!
– Most stable build ever!

Yes, now it is installed with AROMA installer, you won’t have to download three zips for different roms, now you’ll have only one zip that contains all the versions!

Link to thread:

See you next guys!


Hey guys, i have some fresh news for you!

First of all i am sorry for this long time not being active. But now i want to inform you that i’ll get a pc only for android developing, a desktop one. I will not use my laptop anymore. This will mean: more time for develop, but less speed of pc, then slow compile time. But not so much because i will not take a snail ;)

So guys let’s wait this pc and i will build:

– Thunderkernel 2.2 cooperve for stock, cm7, cyanmobile and cm9

– CyanMobile for Tassve and Totoro with specific kernels

–  ThunderKernel for Tassve and Totoro

See you again! :)


Merry christmas and a happy new year! Here’s some presents for you:

ThunderKernel 2.2

Yeah, i said that i was working on ThunderKernel. Infact i added 8 governors to it and 1 io scheduler. Now ThunderKernel has 16 governors and 5 io schedulers ;). Also now it is built with new google toolchain (ARM EABI 4.6).
And the BLN control? Bad thing, it is nearly impossible to add BLN control to our phone as we need the source…

CyanMobile X

Here there are the best news. I built CyanMobile for tassve and totoro. In a while i’ll upload and send to testers the tassve build as i have also built the specific kernel for it. I’ll also update the specific kernel for cooperve as Qeemi has fixed the io schedulers and read ahead permissions, now they work.

So, merry christmas and happy new year. Hope you liked this presents. :)

And, remember, DON’T ASK FOR ETAs.


ThunderKernel 2.1 IS OUT!

Finally after two months, a new version of ThunderKernel!


– 100% CWM FIXED
– Readded droidwall (was missing in 2.0, my fault)
– Added governors tweak by qeemi
– Now frandom is inbuilt, no more modules!
– Some modifications on ramdisk

2.1 is the most stable version ever, NO BUGS AT ALL! (may be one or two only for some people but that’s normal!)

Remeber thanks button, vote the poll and vote the thread!!

See you again,





Update, finally!

Ok guys, veeery veeery long time ago i have announced the new version of thunderkernel 2.1…

And here i am, with news about it.

I left the BLX function because it was not working and we don’t need it, so here’s changelog:

– Added governors tweak by Qeemi

– Fixed recovery errors

– Now frandom is inbuilt, no modules anymore!

– Readded droidwall support




Working on thunderkernel…

News guys,

i am working to thunderkernel for add some special features, like Battery Life eXtender and updating some drivers (if possible). These are hard things that require a basic C knowledge (i am still learning, C is veeery difficult)..

At the moment i added BLX, but not booting, BLX (Battery Life eXtender) is a tweak made by Ezekeel, an RD of xda. Here’s the description (by Ezekeel):

Older types of rechargable batteries exhibited a ‘memory effect’ which made it neccessary to completely charge/discharge the battery when using to prevent degradation of the capacity. Modern Lithium-Ion batteries like in the Nexus S do not show this problem and thus it is not necessary to use the battery in complete (dis)charge cycles. In fact on the contrary, it is commonly accepted that both very low and very high charge states accelerate the degradation of the battery capacity (that is why you should store Li-Ion batteries at around 40% charge).

While a low charge state can be simply avoided by charging the device more often, the battery in the Nexus S by default is charged to around 95% capacity and I could not find any app or tweak to stop the charging at a lower capacity. Thus the only way was to use the manual override and pull the cable which is annoying since one had to monitor the charge state.

So I implemented a simple tweak I called Battery Life eXtender (BLX) which can be used to set a limit for the capacity to which the battery will be charged by passing a value between 0 and 101 to ‘charging_limit’ in ‘/sys/class/misc/batterylifeextender’ (101 by default).

So guys expect something soon, new version changelog at the moment:

– Readded DroidWall (typo on defconfig, my fault ;))

– Fixed recovery errors

– Added BLX

– Maybe other things i don’t remember now. :D


Bye guyz,



New thunderkernel stable version is out!

Hey peeps, whats up?

I released thunderkernel stable v2.0 just now, hope you’ll like it :)

Here’s the changelog:
– fixed recovery cache mounts
– fixed cm7 bluetooth
– fixed cm7 offline charging
– added ext4 support
– new cyanmobile version
– added Kernel Samepage Merging (KSM) support (very boost on memory performance!)
– new ramdisk!
– Updated CWM:
– new voltage:
156 MHz > 1,18
312 MHz > 1,22
468 MHz > 1,24
624 MHz > 1,26
728 MHz > 1,28
832 MHz > 1,34

Try it and vote the poll on the xda thread, and don’t forget to press thanks button! :D


CyanMobile for cooperve is out!

Guys, i am glad to announce that CyanMobile is now out for our cooperve!

Here’s the thread:

Have a nice CyanMobile experience xD

For sure now i’ll continue ThunderKernel and fix some things on it. ;)


Great news guys!

Ok, it’s been a little while since I updated the blog the last time… But now i return with big news on CyanMobile!

See this photos:

20130824_144857 20130824_144948

20130824_145004 20130824_145023

20130824_145045 20130824_145129

Yeah! Settings and CMParts fixed! And now CyanMobile is on EXT4 partition!

For fixing it i had to use Cooper overlay as Gio overlay was not supported by our phone. :D

Cyanmobile first release will be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. ;)


Also some news on ThunderKernel. I have been three days trying to repair ubuntu on my pc, and at the end i installed 12.10. The problem now is that i am trying to make new ramdisk, and every time i make mods on rc i get three weird bugs, one is forced offline mode, other is cannot access to baseband and other is cannot see battery stats.

So i’ll try to use Biel ramdisk as base and make less changes as possible. ;)

Also new build will have ext4 support and some changes on freq for get the max from the CPU :) (actually tested on antutu: stock rom / max freq 832 / min freq 832 / governor performance / io scheduler SIO > RESULT ON ANTUTU-1780

Stay tuned,


Update and vacation

Ok i have some news for you guys:

I am having big problems since i had reinstalled ubuntu. When i build a new kernel then it wont boot. I don’t know if it is the config or toolchain or… WTF! xD I am very angry for this. I tried very much methods packing, repacking, lzma, gzip, config, toolchain, but still nothing.
The only thing i did is a new ramdisk, very much better than old one ;)

Same as past i get a weird error with Settings and CMParts. We are trying to fix it.

The best new (for me xD) tomorrow at 6:30 i am leaving and going to vacation at the sea :P. I will remain for a week and i will only can read and write on xda. :)

See ya :)